Wedding Design Inspiration: We Three Workshops

Today we’re featuring our “Boho Gemstone Luxe” wedding design we created for We Three Workshops.

First, We Three Workshops is a photography workshop developed by 3 crazy talented photographers (Kat, Sharon, Tricia). These ladies are kind of a big deal, so we were thrilled when they asked Evelyn Clark Weddings to be the designer and stylist of the workshop!

Second, since workshop attendees were photographing a styled Bride + Groom and tablescape to learn and to enhance their portfolios, the workshop design had to stand out. Boho is a pretty popular wedding theme, and there are countless styled shoots with this theme too. Because of this, we challenged ourselves to dig deeper in our creativity.

Texture layering, and using the colours and shapes of gemstones was key. We also put together items that didn’t “match” but worked together. However, each piece had to be carefully considered so everything didn’t just look randomly thrown together in a mishmash.


Wedding design inspiration Banff: Gemstone Bohemian Luxe

Here is our Mood Board:

wedding design boho wedding banff alberta

Unfortunately, the file with all the photo credits in our Mood Board was lost. If you come across your photo, please let us know as we would love to credit you!



In our next post, we’ll talk about how everything came together and share the beautiful photos from this wedding design at Buffalo Mountain Lodge.

Stay tuned!