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8 traditions you can skip at your wedding, part 2 :: Wedding planning Calgary

8 wedding traditions to skip

Thanks for joining us in Part 2 of this post on 8 Traditions You Can Skip at Your Wedding.

If you missed Part 1, check it out here.

What are your thoughts so far? Many brides and grooms think that they have to include these wedding traditions simply because it’s part of a wedding. Half of the time, you don’t even know why you’re including these wedding traditions!

Here are 4 more traditions you can kick to the curb if it pleases you…

Wedding traditions you can break — Wedding planning Calgary

5. A garter/bouquet toss

With most people today waiting longer to get married, pointing out the fact that they are single on your wedding day just seems kind of…well…tasteless. Not to mention the fact that it’s an awkward situation for your MC/DJ to try and convince your single guests to be in the spotlight for this shining moment.

Sure, it’s a silly tradition that could still get a few laughs, but it can also be embarrassing for some of your guests, which breaks the cardinal etiquette rule.

winter bouquet bride


Speaking of etiquette, I want to make it clear that you don’t confuse tradition and etiquette.

Think of it this way: will skipping a specific tradition cause your guests to feel awkward?


Will it affect their overall experience?

If you answered “yes” (truthfully) to these questions, then don’t do it!

6. A Cutting-the-cake photo

(See #3 in Part 1 of this series). I think the best use of this moment is to display the cake cutting photos from your parents’ weddings and have your photographer capture the same moment for you and your newly wed. This way, your future children can do the same at their weddings and you can create your own, personal tradition.

vintage cake cutting photo


However, I still think capturing this moment is so much sweeter (pun intended)!

alternative to cake cutting wedding photo


One of my clients actually provided me with a great story about the wedding cake tradition. At a particular wedding, the bride and groom and their families cut a small wedding cake and were served this wedding cake while the rest of their guests were served fruit. So, here, you have guests eating fruit (which I’m sure was very good), but they were watching the other “special” guests eat a delicious cake. This is a great example of breaking a tradition that actually led to bad etiquette.

7. Favours

Nope. You don’t need them. Most of your guests won’t even miss them! It is always lovely though if you make a donation to your charity of choice in honour of your guests. As an animal lover, I think this favour is especially cute.

SPCA charity donation wedding favor


8. A slideshow

Again, no one will miss this. In addition to the technical difficulties that could cause awkward delays (not a big deal, but things like this do happen), slideshows are just a little dated. If the point of the slideshow is to show your guests nice photos of memories you have created, I encourage you show these photos in a gallery somewhere at your reception. This way, your guests can take their time to enjoy the photos without making a production of out it.

chalkboard photo display wedding


I want you to keep in mind that you don’t have to skip these traditions if you don’t want to. Maybe you love slideshows and are excited to create one for your wedding. Great! The best weddings are the ones that feel most like the bride and groom’s personal party. So break the traditions that don’t fit with you and create new ones that do.

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8 traditions you can skip at your wedding, part 1 :: Wedding planning Calgary

8 wedding traditions to skip

In this day and age, do wedding traditions still matter?

Well, that depends on who you are as a person. Traditions are in place as long-established beliefs of the way things “should” be, but that doesn’t mean they apply to you and your wedding.

In today’s modern weddings, almost anything goes (almost) and you can certainly put your own twist on traditions. Here are a few wedding traditions that you can consider cutting out:

Wedding traditions you don’t have to include — wedding planning Calgary

1. Having equal number of attendants (aka bridesmaids and groomsmen)

Why do you they have to match? It’s not like your bridesmaids and groomsmen have specific duties that they must do together for your wedding. And your bridal party photos will look so much more relaxed and not overly posed. At worst, one groomsman walks back up the aisle at the end of your ceremony with a bridesmaid on each arm. Sounds like he could have worse problems!

uneven bridesmaids groomsmen_


2. Having attendants at all

Crazy, right? But if Emily can do it, why can’t you? Not having any attendants makes the ceremony very personal between you and your groom (I swear, people will not think that you just don’t have any friends). This is especially nice if you can’t decide on who should be your attendants…and this might even make your friends/family happy if they don’t have an endless list of official attendant duties.

no bridesmaids groomsmen


3. The Signing of the Registry photo

The Signing of the Registry is the part of your wedding ceremony when you sign the legal marriage documents. Traditionally, most people look straight at the camera and smile, fakely. This photo is very posed — very “grad photo” and certainly not realistic.

For a more modern take, try not looking at the camera. Don’t pause, pose with a pen and smile. Don’t even think about what the photographer is capturing because you should be in the moment and grinning at your new husband/wife. Trust me, you will be much happier with the candid photo than the forced, “oh, this is a wedding moment” photo.

good vs bad ceremony photos


4. A guestbook

Gone are the days where you have someone sitting at a table greeting you and asking you to sign your name in a book at a wedding. While I think it is a lovely gesture to have a host at the doors to greet guests at your ceremony and/or reception, signing a book is passé. What are you going to do with a book of signatures afterwards?

If you must have a keepsake from your wedding, you can always have guests write you a short message or well wishes. This envelope idea works well if you want to read these later on at the post-wedding brunch or on your own.

Guest book alternatives


Join me later this week as I finish up this list of traditions that you don’t have to keep for your wedding!

What are some traditions you are choosing to skip? Or keep?

Evelyn Clark & Team | Wedding planning Calgary & beyond
You can learn more about what we do and how you can wow your guests when you work with us. Don’t forget to look at our Portfolio of stylish wedding couples too!

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The Great Gatsby wedding inspiration :: Calgary wedding planner

great gatsby wedding

Who isn’t a fan of Baz Luhrmann’s work (Moulin Rouge is one of my favourite movies)? He has an extraordinary vision for capturing decadence and it is absolutely magical to watch on film.

Everyone is buzzing about The Great Gatsby, and I’m right there with everyone else. The soundtrack, alone, sounds amazing, not to mention the costume and set design.

As movies can shape trends, Great Gatsby is definitely showing its influence. “Vintage” is still a trend in weddings, but I’m seeing it move away from the more “shabby-chic” or “kitschy” look and towards this elegance of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau era. And I am loving it!

I put together an inspiration board to show you what I see for a Great Gatsby-inspired wedding.

A Great Gatsby wedding – Calgary wedding planner + designer

For me, it’s all about Baz Luhrmann’s interpretation of The Great Gatsby. There have been several weddings with an Art Deco-feel, but the glamour of Luhrmann’s is where my heart lies.

I am influenced by the rich colours of emerald, navy and blues + opulent gold and crystal…and a hit of pink from the ladies.

Great Gatsby wedding inspiration | Evelyn Clark Weddings

Sources: (L-R) Baz Luhrmann Great Gatsby | Karen Tran | Colin Cowie | Laser-cutting Shop | Baz Luhrmann Great Gatsby

So gorgeous. I think this is very versatile too — you can make it really glam with the rich colours (that I have used) or just have little hints of inspiration by using the Deco fonts and gold foil accents.

And, just for fun, here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet!

Evelyn Clark & Team | Calgary wedding planner & designer
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