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5 tips to get the most out of your wedding day :: Calgary wedding planner

5 tips to get the most out of your wedding day | Calgary wedding planner Evelyn Clark Weddings

One of my missions as a Calgary wedding planner is to make sure that you get to focus on the start of your marriage and enjoy the awesome party that you have planned.

In my last post, I talked about how worrying about having the perfect wedding may just ruin your day. But it’s one thing to say “don’t worry!” and another to do just that. You have to host guests, take photos, think about logistics — it can be very easy to just “miss” your own wedding day if your mind is being pulled in different directions.

Here are some things to help.

Get the most out of your wedding day with these 5 tips – Calgary wedding planner tips

1. Take a 15 minute break as newlyweds

private moment bride groom


This is so important and not nearly enough couples do this. Your wedding day is a whirlwind of activity. It’s the day where you will feel most like a celebrity and everyone wants a piece of you. Build in 15 minutes in your wedding day itinerary to sneak away, just the two of you. This can be after the Ceremony or right before the Reception. Take the time to just stare at each other and have a private moment to process everything that has happened.

2. Get a first look at your Reception decor



The wedding day is such a blur that you probably won’t even notice all of those details you slaved over. If you’re working with a wedding planner like me, you probably care about having all of your decor just right (even more so if we work together on wedding design!). Try and sneak away for a few minutes to get a look at your Reception before guests arrive. You should be the first to see your vision brought to reality!

3. Build in time for your photographer to take “detail shots”

This tip is often overlooked, and it’s even more important if you don’t get a chance to see your decor before your guests. Your wedding photos are often the only chance you get to really “see” what your wedding is like.



But the atmosphere of your wedding may not be captured if your photographer doesn’t get access to your Reception room before your guests do. You want him to capture everything in its pristine condition…not with crumpled napkins and half-empty drink glasses all over the place. Your photographer also doesn’t want to annoy your guests by hovering around their table, trying to take photos. And he would never dream of asking your guests to step away from an area for a photo!

When I create timelines for my clients, I always add in time for detail shots. I know my clients will be disappointed if they don’t see their wedding details. So, do yourself a favour and create at least 15 minutes for your photographer to take these detail shots.

4. Create a detailed family photo list — and keep it short

Break the photos down by person and include proper names (not just “grandma”) for each grouping. This will help your photographer know who to ask for in each photo and ensure that no one is missed. Family photos can take up a lot of time when you’re trying to corral everyone in one place. Before you know it, family photos have eaten up half of your photos time! Keep the list as short as possible so you have plenty of time for the Creative photos with your new husband/wife.

5. Make all of your outstanding payments before your wedding day

So easy to do. Many vendors ask for their final payment on the wedding day. But you do not want the hassle of handling money on your wedding day — and neither do your parents. While I track vendor payments as part of my wedding planner tasks, I can’t make them for you. So make as many payments before your wedding as possible to avoid the awkward money issue while you’re busy celebrating.



I hope these tips help you be engaged on your wedding day. After all, you plan something for so long, it would be a shame to miss out. A sure way to not miss anything, though, is to work with a wedding planner. Our team at Evelyn Clark Weddings takes the reins + helps you stay sane before your wedding day. This way, you and your family can be guests at your own wedding. Give us a shout if you want to get the most out of your wedding day.

Evelyn Clark & Team | Calgary wedding planner & designer
You can learn more about what we do and how you can wow your guests with your very own custom sweet table. Don’t forget to look at our Portfolio of stylish wedding couples too!

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Featured: Jennifer & Jason – Calgary wedding coordination

What a surprise! Jennifer and Jason’s multi-cultural wedding was featured on the wedding blog Bowties & Buttercream! All of the moments were captured by Hanafoto, with their signature fashionable lighting and crisp images.

These features could not have come at a better time, as things are up and swingin’ in the Sweet Stylings office. Stay tuned for more photos of our work!

Happy planning,

Calgary Wedding Planner and Designer
Calgary Dessert Table Designer

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Top 10 Things on the Newly Engaged Couple’s Wedding Checklist :: Calgary wedding planning

Congratulations on your engagement! You’re glowing and probably a little sore from smiling so much. So you have the ring…but what comes next? Lucky for you, your local Calgary wedding planner (moi) has put together a list of the the most important things for you to do now that you are planning your wedding…in Calgary? In the Mountains? Regardless where you are considering to host your wedding, these wedding checklist will get you on the right track in wedding planning. Let’s get started!

The Top 10 things to do after you get engaged to start your wedding planning

1. Announce your engagement formally

After you have spent some time reveling in the fact that you are going to be Mrs. (or Mr.) Love-of-Your-Life, take the time to properly announce your good news formally.  Despite today’s increasingly casual society, an engagement should be announced by a good old-fashioned phone call (not text!) to your family members and close friends.  This may seem very logical, but your friends and family will appreciate this exciting news delivered personally to make them feel special and not via a mass Facebook or Twitter message.

2. Create a wedding email

You will be getting a ton of emails that are wedding-related. Unless your place of work is calm enough that allows you to answer work and wedding emails all day long, get a wedding-specific email address so you can filter everything into one spot. This will simplify your wedding planning so much. You can also consider setting up a wedding website so that guests can have a place to check everything out.  Wix is a great, free and easy to use website builder for a non-cheesy (yes, I said it) wedding website!

3. Decide what style of wedding you would like to have

This means that you and your fiancé will need to sit down and seriously discuss your wedding vision before you start any serious wedding planning.  Do you dream of a more casual, backyard affair with a small group of family and friends?  Or do you envision a modern bash with the latest, greatest decor and action food stations?  Once you have set this tone to your wedding, many other aspects can be decided based on this vision.

wedding styles

4. Make a list of what really matters to you

This is related to #2 and the style of wedding you would like.  You may have been to weddings where you thought “wow, they really have fantastic décor!” or “I can’t believe there wasn’t a live band”.  Now is the time to think of all of those things and create your “Most valuable” list for both parties.  You may be surprised to find out that while you value getting married in a beautiful, historical church, your fiancé is more excited to incorporate the most advanced lighting effects at the reception.  Go through all of the major wedding components and decide, together, what things matter the most to you for your wedding.  Having this list clear in both of your minds will help you select appropriate vendors and know where you want to spend your money in your wedding planning.

5. Set your wedding budget

B-u-d-g-e-t.  This is often the most difficult part of planning a wedding, and it is why you should discuss what style of wedding you would like so you know right away what sort of budget you will need to create your wedding vision.  Have a formal sit-down with your parents and/or any other family members that would like to contribute and discuss how you would like to divide the finances.  You may decide that you would like to pay for the wedding yourselves, but parents may want to contribute as well.  Keep in mind that if parents or other family members are contributing, they will get to have some say into the wedding…especially when it comes to the guest list!

wedding budget
Photo credit: via Wedding Bee

6. Create a rough draft of your guest list

This is time consuming and one of the not-so-fun aspects of wedding planning, but drafting your guest list will make or break a lot of wedding decisions.  Your dream venue may not be possible if you must invite all 300 guests on your list.  You might find that your guest list may be bigger or smaller than you thought too once you really write everyone down (This will relate to your overall wedding budget).  Tip: if you’re super organized, list everyone alphabetically so you can use this later as part of your Master Seating List for quick reference.

7. Decide on a venue.

Picking a venue can definitely be tricky as sometimes a venue could be the deciding factor for things such as your guest list, wedding date and budget (you see how so many of these things are related?). We are lucky that there are a lot of interesting Calgary wedding venues and that the Mountains are so close that we have all of those venues as options too. Many couples tend to pick a venue first and decide on other wedding factors such as number of guests and budget afterwards – there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do this as you have to decide what is right for you and your families. 

unique wedding venue
Photo credit: 4Eyes Photography via Style Me Pretty

8. Decide if you need a wedding planner

At this point in your wedding planning, you may start feeling a little overwhelmed.  There are a lot of details and decisions to make, and if you are working a full-time job it can be tough accomplishing everything on your massive to-do list.  A professional wedding planner will be able to save you time and stress because he/she is able to do the legwork and, ideally, simplify the planning process for you.  At Evelyn Clark Weddings (formerly Sweet Stylings), we never want to take over your wedding and do everything “our way” and “our style”. It is your wedding, and our Calgary wedding planners are here to guide you through decisions based on our experience, not make decisions for you.  Consider getting help with your wedding planning, even with a Month-Of Coordinator at the very least to ensure your vision is communicated and accomplished. 

9. Decide on a design theme

Although this part is definitely more fun than crunching numbers for a budget, developing your design theme should come later in your wedding planning process because it may depend largely on the venue you choose.  By now, you must have collected a bunch of photos on Pinterest or through magazines, so spread all of those out and see what jumps out.  You will probably notice an overall colour theme and style theme, and those are great starting points.  As a Calgary wedding planner that offers wedding planning and wedding design we can help you align ideas while taking cues from your personalities and lifestyle to create a wedding that is uniquely you.

10. Choose your bridal party members.

Before you rush out and excitedly invite all of your friends to be in your wedding party, take a step back and really consider who you want to stand with you on your wedding day.  Your fiancé may be thinking of a small, intimate bridal party so what are you going to do if you already asked 8 friends to be involved?  Discuss things together (notice a theme here?) and personally invite people to be part of your wedding.  And, no, your numbers do not have to be an exact match. 

thank you card idea
Photo credit: Three Blondes and a Camera via Style Me Pretty

BONUS! 11. Book your Most Valuable vendors ASAP

Remember #4?  Take a look at the wedding items that mean the most to you and consider booking those as soon as possible.  In Calgary, major wedding vendors book quickly, and you don’t want to be disappointed when your favourite photographer already has your date booked. 

There you have it!  While this list is quite extensive, don’t forget to also have fun and enjoy the wedding planning process.  Being engaged and getting married is an exciting time in your life, and you really want to make it special and meaningful for everyone involved. 

If you are looking for a wedding planner to help you make wedding planning fun and not a headache, Contact Evelyn Clark Weddings (formerly Sweet Stylings) for more information on wedding planning and design. We want to hear your wedding story!

Happy New Year and happy planning!

Evelyn Clark
Calgary Wedding Planner and Designer
Calgary Dessert Table Designer

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