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Boho wedding design Banff: We Three Workshops

We showed you the inspiration behind this gorgeous Boho Wedding styled session in our last blog post. Now, we’re revealing the final results. This Boho session features an eclectic wedding couple that are fashion forward and not afraid of colour. Traditional is not the word we would use here. Think of layers of rich textures like…

Wedding Design Inspiration: We Three Workshops

Today we’re featuring our “Boho Gemstone Luxe” wedding design we created for We Three Workshops. First, We Three Workshops is a photography workshop developed by 3 crazy talented photographers (Kat, Sharon, Tricia). These ladies are kind of a big deal, so we were thrilled when they asked Evelyn Clark Weddings to be the designer and stylist…

Banff Wedding Coordinator: Lindsay & Ryan

Lindsay and Ryan’s vintage-inspired destination wedding had an abundance of personality and character and was, simply, pure fun. Lindsay and I know each other from university, and I was honoured when she and Ryan asked me to be a part of their wedding. Being the incredibly organized teachers that Lindsay and Ryan both are, from…

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  • AshleyFebruary 1, 2012 - 12:10 pm

    Beautiful wedding!!~