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Spotlight on boutonnieres

I spotlight bridal bouquets every week on this blog, but I thought it would be a nice change to give some love to boutonnieres. Naturally, bouquets get a lot of attention because of their size and how lush the floral arrangements can be, but what makes boutonnieres special is the level of careful craftsmanship needed to create something beautiful and imaginative in one, tiny arrangement.

Here are some really great examples of how interesting a boutonniere design can be for your wedding:

Using hydrangea is so different for a boutonniere! The size of the bloom usually inhibits use of hydrangeas for such a small floral touch, but I really love how unusual this baby hydrangea is.

Photo credit: L Photographie

This next boutonniere is soft and vintage-inspired with a lot of neat plants and leaves for texture.

Photo credit: Jasmine Star

I can’t tell if these are sunflowers or daisies…either way, how fun is this boutonniere? These flowers are, again, very unusual, and I love the touch of cascading green amaranthus for dimension.

Photo credit: Julia Newman Photography

And you know these are a favourite of mine…lovely cool water roses!

Photo credit: Matt Mandelsohn Photography

Navy and hot pink is such a fun combination that is a twist on the more preppy navy and pale pink. This a simple, but bold boutonniere design with a great coordinating ribbon wrap.

Photo credit: Janae Shields Photography

This photo actually cracked me up. Ranunculus are one of my favourite flowers, so the beauty of this boutonniere was an obvious choice for me, but the button at the bottom was what really got me! I love humour on the wedding day…

Photo credit: Erin Hearts Court

Oooh, this boutonniere has such a nice touch. The simple shape of the calla lily is accentuated by the starfish which is a very thoughtful way to incorporate a beach-y theme.

Photo credit:Brian Phillips Photography

And for the classic choice, the double white orchid and feather-y, fuzzy plants together with the silvery gray ribbon wrap is so exquisitely pretty.

Photo credit: Red Ribbon Studio

Aren’t these photos inspiring for your wedding? I hope this has instilled some ideas in your mind in how to get creative with your boutonnieres — there are so many different arrangements and ways to get clever with these little pieces. If you are in the Calgary area and looking for someone to help you align your ideas and streamline your wedding design, contact us here to get started!

Happy planning,

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